The Advanced Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) provide a Cutting Edge technology that is unparalleled. The systems' onboard scheduling capability, 24 hour operation, and climate controlled facility provide maximum impact for our customers. UMII currently has 4 FMS palletized systems with a combination of 192 pallets.

Advanced applications for complex products and LEAN Lights Out capabilities provide a distinct advantage for our customers.

UMII's 5 Axis CNC milling provides another level of machining that enhances the diversity of machine tool technology. With the addition of our Makino MAG1's, this high speed technology has expanded our customer product support.

In addition to UMII's CNC milling capabilities, our diversity continues with a vast array of up to 9 Axis Mill/Turn, 7 Axis Swiss lathes, and Live Tooling lathes. These together enhance and complement UMII's production machining capabilities.

Assembly & Kitting

UMII provides additional support for our customers with assembly and kitting capabilities. Adding value for our customers by minimizing overall cycle-times and logistical costs helps keep our customers competitive in their respective markets.

UMII continues to expand in this area to add value for our customers.

Equipment List

UMII strives to be the benchmark for integrating advanced machine tool technology into the manufacturing process. We are driven to achieve a LEAN approach in our machining operations.

Our quest for excellence begins with the right equipment. Below is a listing of the equipment currently used to support our customers.

Note: Equipment List Available Upon Request